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Listen to Kyle, our head coach, introduce you to World Changing Fitness and our gift to you - the Kick Start program.

We know that times are tough and getting started on a fitness journey while so much is going on in the world can be even more challenging, so we've put together a FREE two-week trial so that you can experience the joy of a fully-customized, at-home workout and a coach who is motivated to help you get and KEEP the results you're looking for.

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Kick Start - FREE TRIAL

Special Offer For New Members Only

$50 Value - Two-week basic program

  • Access to WCF App

  • 2 Weeks Sample Exercises Program

  • 1 Personal Virtual Coaching Session

  • Getting In Shape Assessment Session

  • Simple Transfer To A Customized WCF Program

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$99.95 / month + tax

Cancel Any Time, No Contracts!

Our most popular At-Home Workout Program that is a customized weekly program created specifically for you. Perfect for those getting started in fitness or weight loss. Workout whenever and wherever you want!

  • Fitness evaluation, which focuses on foundational strength, aerobic, and nutrition

  • Customized weekly exercise program with instructional videos delivered to WCF app

  • Interactive and ongoing coaching sessions

  • Cardio and Strength targets and goal setting session

  • Customized nutritional coaching and motivational counseling

  • Member of WCF Community

  • Fitness progress and performance tracking

  • Basic measurement tracking

  • Exclusive WCF training T-shirt

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$189.95 / month + tax

Cancel Any Time, No Contracts!

This fitness program is for those who have some experience with weight loss or fitness and who want to speed up and get some great results.

You Get Everything in the Getting In Shape Program, Plus:

  • Advanced strength, aerobic, nutritional, and fitness evaluation session

  • Customized weekly exercise program focused on building strength in specific muscle groups, and/or increased cardio endurance delivered to WCF app

  • Interactive and ongoing coaching and accountability sessions

  • Advanced nutritional coaching and motivational counseling to help you achieve your fitness goals

  • Instruction for overcoming barriers

  • Rewards for reaching goals

  • Fitness progress and performance tracking

  • WCF recipe collection and meal guide

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$249.95 / month + tax

Cancel Any Time, No Contracts!

Top Performance includes features of the Reaching New Levels program, along with enhanced customized weekly workout programs specifically designed to push your limits and get you to break through almost any plateau in fitness or weight loss.

  • Aggressive strength, aerobic, nutritional, and fitness evaluation session

  • Specifically designed workout programs to push you to reach the highest level of performance and results

  • Goal Setting Challenges and achievement rewards

  • One-on-One progressive and interactive coaching sessions

  • Mindset growth assignments

  • Monthly personal growth book

  • Exclusive WCF training jacket

  • Exclusive WCF challenges and awards

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Perhaps there is no better reason to invest in a virtual trainer than the fact that at-home workout programs are the ultimate in convenience. You don't have to fight traffic on the way to the gym. You don't have to wait around for equipment to be free. You don't have to invest in fancy gym clothes, or even put on makeup. Instead, you can wake up and work out in your pajamas if you want to. You can work out at midnight when you can't sleep. You can workout when the baby is napping. When the gym closes due to weather or a novel virus, it doesn't affect your health one bit (except perhaps your mental health). Instead, you choose when you work out, which increases the likelihood that you will.



If you've been to group fitness classes, you know that they are designed for everyone. Thus, they probably are not meeting your personal workout goals. For instance, if you want to gain muscles, and your workout routine includes no heavy weights, odds are, you won't. If you want to lose weight, you need to spike your heart rate. Some group fitness classes, or even working out on your own at a gym, don't do any of that. When you partner with a virtual trainer, such as our trainers at World Changing Fitness, you'll receive a customized workout plan that is specific to you and your goals and that will include those exercises that you like doing. How often will you run if you hate it? But you don't mind walking. It's these little nuances that make a big difference in your fitness results.



Let's face it, when you work out alone, you aren't accountable to anyone. This means that some days you may skip your workout routine, or you may change it completely to where you hardly work up a sweat. If you want to see real results, then you need a virtual trainer who will ask you point-blank if you did your at-home workout plan for the day. You'll have to say yes or no, and then answer as to why you did not. This can make a huge impact on your results.


Powerful Results

So many people start workout regimens and end up quitting because they don't see the results they are seeking. It's not because they didn't try; oftentimes, it's because they did not have the above benefits of a virtual trainer. The online fitness coaches at World Changing Fitness are ultimately your cheerleaders. We are here to not only provide you with the tools to get fit, such as your customized workout plan, but also to motivate, encourage, and ultimately inspire you to lead your best life ever. With varied workouts, motivational text messages, growth mindset challenges, and access to our online fitness community, you'll see the results you want. While it won't be overnight, with patience and sure-fastedness, they will come. And our virtual coaches will help you every step of the way.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

WCF believes in its programs and coaches, however if you completely finish your program and you are not satisfied with your journey and results. We will refund 100% of your money.


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