[2020's Top 3] Ways To Get In Shape At Home

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Getting in shape is hard. Getting in better shape is harder. Becoming an elite athlete? That’s the hardest.

As if that’s not enough

There’s only so much time in a day. And you have work. And maybe kids and a spouse. And errands to run. And you’re already tired. And you already don’t get to see your friends as much as you’d like.

And it’s hard to workout and drink beer or wine at the same time, and that beer or wine are sounding pretty good right now. And then you’d have to plan the workouts. And you know you should eat better, but cooking and meal planning is a lot of work, too.

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But here’s the deal…

No matter where you’re starting or the position you’re in, we can help.

From professional couch potato to borderline Olympic hopeful?

You can do that.

From average athlete to elite athlete?

Yeah, you'll get there.

From professional couch potato to slightly more active couch potato? Noble Goal!

Let's do it!

Through decades of experience and training, we’ve developed programs and personal coaching that will get you to where you want to go. You’ll have an app with custom workouts, custom meal plans, and we’ll even call to check in and make sure you’re getting it done. If you’re having motivation issues and would rather lay down on the kitchen floor slamming your fists into the linoleum and screaming “I don’t wanna!”, we’ve built those days into our program.

You’ll get meal plans sent directly to you. “Here’s your shopping list and here’s how to put it together” right to your phone in the morning.

Do you have the culinary abilities of Homer Simpson? Have you ever combined cereal and milk and accidentally started a kitchen fire? That’s ok, we can meal plan around kitchen ineptitude as easily as we can meal plan for a Michelin Star Chef.

Get Some Meal Plans

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Simply Put...

We want to help you be the hero of your own story.

Here’s how it works

Either you can pick which level you start at, or we can have a quick chat and go over it all. We’ll have a conversation and talk about injuries we need to work around (back problems are pretty common), find out what you do and don’t want to eat, and get an idea of what your fitness goals are.

Then, we’re going to do all the work for you.

You’ve probably asked yourself if it’s really worth it to spend all the time and energy to get in shape.

Here’s what you need to know:

You will be more comfortable.

You know the feeling. You put on a new piece of clothing you like, and suddenly you notice curves where there shouldn’t be any.

Take Care Of Those "other" Curves

You go for a walk and realize you’re getting a little too tired and sweaty for a quick waltz around the block.

The belt buckle digging into your gut while you’re sitting. Does this chair lean back more? Yeah, that doesn't feel good.

Getting your Body Mass Index (BMI) down just a little will help your general comfort level. You’ll be able to wear what you want and not have to hold your breath when you lean over to tie your own shoes.

Image 5.png

But here’s the truth...

It isn’t easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight. But that’s why we’re here! We’re going to get rid of a lot of the monotonous work for you. Meal planning? We’ve got it covered.

Workout routines at the perfect level so you get a good challenge without feeling like someone is trying to kill you with cardio? We’ll get those perfectly tuned for you.

Do you need motivational speeches in the morning?

You’re going to love it when Kyle calls you, says "good morning," and won’t hang up until you get moving. Jessica may tell her young children they can call you as much as they want until you start your workout.

Whatever your motivation, we’ll help you find it.

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But that’s not all

The rest of your life will improve as well.

We all need energy to do things. Work, friends, love, hobbies, they all take energy. But you only have so much to work with on a given day.

As we help you get in shape, your energy levels are going up! You’ll need less sleep, get better sleep when you do need it, and fall asleep nearly instantly when it’s time to go to bed.

World Changing Fitness_TrustBadges-03.png

What could you do with all that extra energy?

Would you get more done at work? Could you put together that proposal and impress the boss? Or if you’ve got the kind of job you don’t want to stay at, what if you had the energy and confidence to go out and network and find the kind of job you actually want to get promoted at?

All these things are possible! In fact, with just a little bit of effort, they’re probable!

Do you know who makes money? Instagram influencers. Do you know who makes even more money? Instagram influencers with really good before and after pictures and a motivational message for others.

Maybe that’s not your thing (it isn’t ours, truth be told). But the point is, by having the extra energy, you’ll have more opportunities.

I dislike being tired


But I don’t need to lose weight! I’m skinny!

There’s a term, we call it “skinny fat.” It’s used to describe people that, upon first glance, appear to be of a healthy body weight, but when you dig a little deeper, they’re just genetically lucky with how they carry their body fat.

They have unhealthy levels of body fat and lower than average muscle mass, but just happen to hold their fat in such a way that it might kinda look like muscle (or at least doesn’t hang over their waistline).

Skinny fat people are just as much at risk for heart disease, depression, low energy, and other associated health risks as someone with an equivalent BMI, but who’s unfortunate enough to actually see the curves ripple where curves should be rippling.

Fine, You Make A Good Point


Because endorphins

Those are the body’s natural stress reliever, pain reducer, anti-depressant, and all-around feel-good drug. Have you ever felt on top of the world? Those were endorphins. There are a few ways to get endorphins on demand, and those include:

  1. Heroin
  2. Methamphetamine
  3. Exercise

We recommend #3.

#1 & #2 come with their own issues (like legal bills and some well-known health issues), which we don’t recommend.

I'll Take The #3, Hold The Fries

And this program will save you time and money!

Sure, you could hire a personal trainer locally, if you can find one during COVID. But then you have to drive to the gym (if it’s open). And of course, there’s traffic. And sometimes the trainer is running late.

And that’s expensive.

With World Changing Fitness, you get even more than you would from a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost!

No driving to the gym. No wearing your mask. No spending a bunch of money. No risk of accidentally dropping weights on your toes (ok, it doesn’t happen often, but we have some stories).

So along with helping you get into a position where you can do better at work, or have the energy to start the side-hustle, we’re going to save you money compared to a traditional personal trainer.

Image 3.png

But I’m a picker eater!

That’s ok! You’re going to get meal plans that are customized for you. If all you like is broccoli, tater tots, and salmon, you’re going to get a meal plan that include broccoli, tater tots, and salmon.

You’re also going to get a call from Jessica to discuss adding some additional foods to your diet. But if that’s where you want to start, that’s where we’ll start!

Meal Plan Of Broccoli and Cheetos, Please

But I hurt my back! I can’t do [some exercise]!

That’s ok, too! When we say we plan the workouts around YOU, we mean all of you. And that’s an important part of the initial consultation, we need to know as much as we can about your health and body.

If you have back pain, you'll be able to lose some weight (which will help with the pain) and we'll plan the exercises so you don’t aggravate any injuries or get yourself any new ones.

Neck? Shoulders? Hips? Are They Feeling A Little Older Than They Should?

Same deal! You let us know what you can and can’t do, and we’ll come up with a solution to help you meet your goals anyway.

What are you waiting for?

We offer a 30-day trial. You can find out if you like us or not without ever risking a dime.

And even then, as the late Billy Mays would say...


But wait! There’s more!

Let’s say you get through your 15-day trial and decide to give it a go...

During the consultation we’ll help you set some reasonable goals and go over what you’ll need to do to achieve those goals.

But let’s say we do that, and now you get to the end of those 15 days, and you just aren’t happy. You just don’t feel like this whole thing is working and like it’s worth your money. Despite trying really hard, you didn’t hit those goals we just discussed a few months ago.

We’ll give you a refund!

As long as you’ve put in a good-faith effort, we’ll give you back your money and send you on your way.

Just to make it clear, if you don’t do the workout or follow the meal plans (and we’re going to call and check) then you don’t get a refund. If you replace exercise time with “sit on the couch, binge Netflix, and each Cheetos” time, then you’re out of luck.

That Sounds Like A Good Deal

Just to make it clear, if you don’t do the workout or follow the meal plans (and we’re going to call and check) then you don’t get a refund. If you replace exercise time with “sit on the couch, binge Netflix, and each Cheetos” time, then you’re out of luck.

That’s fair, right? These programs take a lot of time and experience to put together.

Well, what are you waiting for?


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