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About World Changing Fitness

While on my own fitness journey, I saw people spend time and money on generic fitness programs and nutritional supplements with minimal success. That inspired me to start WCF, a fitness company dedicated to getting the best fitness results. As the company grew, my team and I confirmed that great coaching and a healthy lifestyle can inspire powerful and positive change in every area of an individual's world. The mission of World Changing Fitness is to change the world by helping people like you achieve meaningful results.

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Virtual Training

Your daily exercise program is delivered directly to you along with instructional videos and virtual coaching sessions, making our customized workout plans flexible for you and accessible 24 hours a day.

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Workout From Home

You can workout from home, whether you want to lose weight or tone up. Your at-home workout program will improve your health and make you feel great. You’ll see an improvement in your performance and fitness results in no time!


Exclusive Community

It's all about team work at WCF. When you join the WCF team, you not only get a certified and professional online fitness coach who truly cares about you, but you also become part of a community that wants to support your fitness goals and results!

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Reward System

You deserve to get rewarded for your hard work! The WCF team has created a reward system that will help motivate you to keep pushing and achieving your fitness goals!

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Achievable Results

In the WCF community you won't be asked to do any crazy changes to your lifestyle like weigh your food. Your customized workout program will consist of small steps over time equals long term success.

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A Personal Touch

At WCF our coaches love fitness and love people, so we try our best to go above and beyond to make sure you feel supported and know that we truly care about you and your fitness results.


What Makes WCF Different?

We are proud to be a Christian-based fitness company, and we practice those principles in every area of our company. WCF is also set apart by our wonderful customer service and desire to get you fast, positive fitness results while you have fun with our exceptional virtual coaches!

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In these uncertain times, being able to stay healthy is a challenge, but we have THE solution for you. WCF uses today's technology to deliver your daily exercise program right to your smartphone. You work out when and where you want using the customized workout plan designed specifically for you while having your virtual coach instruct and encourage you.

Getting started is easy; you don't need any fitness equipment, gym memberships, or special nutritional supplements to join World Changing Fitness.

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